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How to Fix Gmail errors | +1866-535-7333 | Gmail Information

Since Gmail has become a part of our lives, we should know about its common errors and how to fix Gmail errors. While working on Gmail, you may encounter many issues, either related to password or lost mails. Here you will find a summary of such errors and some solutions to fix Gmail errors.
Forgotten your username or password
This is one of the most common issues faced by Gmail users. To fix this Gmail error, see these steps:
·         Click on the link
·         If you cannot remember your Gmail address, click on "Forgot mail."
·         You will be asked to enter your linked phone number or an alternate email address. Choose the one you can access easily. Click Next.
·         Enter your first and last name and click "Next."
·         Now click Send and Google will send you a verification code on your email address or phone number.
·         Enter the verification code and click Next.
·         Now click on the account name.
For forgotten password.
·         Click on “Forgot password” if you don’t remember it.
·         You will be asked to enter the last password you remember.
·         If you don't remember any previous password, click on "Try another way."
·         Give the phone number in which you want to receive the verification code.
·         Click Next.
·         Now create a new password.
Error message on Gmail issue
You may get messages like “Bad request” or “Oops” while working in Gmail, to fix Gmail error messages, follow these steps:
·         Use Gmail in a supported web browser. Use the latest version of browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
·         If Gmail is not working properly with your Android and iOS browser, download Chrome on your mobile, make sure that you have the Javascript and cookies turned on.
·         Turn off any browser extensions or add-ons temporarily. Sometimes they might interfere with your Gmail.
·         To open Gmail without any extensions, use your browser’s private browsing or incognito mode. If it is working out, then enable one extension at a time to find which extension is culprit one.
·         Clearing web browser's cache and cookies sort out all loading and formatting issues of Gmail.
·         Open Gmail without labs. If Gmail works properly after that, then disable labs one by one to identify the culprit one.
·         The g-suit Status dashboard could also resolve the issue.
Gmail not loading
if you are having trouble with the loading of Gmail pages or they are not loading at all, then do the following:
·         Use Gmail in a supported web browser. Try using Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge. Turn on cookies and JavaScript.
·         Clear your web browser’s cache and cookies, and this will solve any loading issues.
·         Sometimes browser extensions or add-ons interfere with Gmail.  Using the browser in private or incognito mode without any extensions may sort out the issue. If Gmail is working well without extensions, try to disable them one by one and check which one is causing trouble.
·         The g-suite status dashboard will also help you out to find any issues.
Are mails missing?
You may face problems like not receiving emails, or missing mails from inbox are some other issues faced by Gmail users. Try these steps for troubleshooting.
·         Sign in to your Gmail account.
·         Click the down arrow in the search bar.
·         Now click the arrow next to All Mail, and choose Mail, Spam &Trash.
·         From search option, see if your messages are in archive or spam. If you find, its good otherwise continue to read on.
·         Go to the gear icon in the upper-right corner and choose Settings.
·         Click on “Filters & Blocked Addresses” tab.
·         In the “Action” look for any filters like Delete it or Skin inbox.
·         If you want to change the filter, click on Edit or you may also delete it.
·         From Gmail settings, click on “Forwarding & POP/IMAP” tab.
·         Also, check if you have any forwarding set up in your Gmail account. If you find it, turn off the setting, or you may also select "Keep Gmail's copy in the inbox" or "Make Gmail's Copy as read."
·         Now click on Save changes.
Gmail account has been hacked
Sometimes due to your carelessness, your account is hacked and is no more in your control. You can sense it easily once it is hacked-you will have trouble logging in, or you may see some suspicious activities in your account. Some of the common indications of the hacked account are:
·         Your contacts will tell you that they have been receiving spam messages from your side.
·         Your mail settings may change. Some filters may set up which is not done by you.
·         Some emails are deleted, which is not done by you.
If you have detected any such activity, then see below:
·         Log in to your account from Google account security page.
·         See “Recent security events” and see if you find any suspicious activity there.
·         If you find any strange activity, click on "No, it wasn't me."
·         Follow the guidelines to secure your account.
·         If you find an unknown device, then click on, "Don't recognize the device."
·         Follow the steps to secure your account.
These are some of the common Gmail errors and some tips to solve these errors.


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